Friday, August 30, 2013

#8 August 29, 2013

Hello, hello, hello! For the Last time from the MTC!

Well, it is getting close here. Whoa. It kinda feels a lot like I am about to leave on my mission again from an extended, really intense EFY that has no focus on girls. I mean really, 14 of us are about to jump on a plane and fly across many waters hopefully with our craft being tight like unto a dish and start sharing the best message in the world in the limited language of something I started learning 8 weeks ago yesterday. The Church is true! Haha, but really even though I really don't feel ready at all, I think we are ready to go out and do the work of our Savior. We have been working for this our whole lives and well, hopefully in this baptism by fire we don't get singed too bad!

Mom, I guess we get to call from the airport (maybe that is something I should have been expecting but I had no idea) so I will be getting a phone card and doing that. Dad says he will be on the road probably then but that you could conference call with him and that would be awesome. We have to be at the Travel office by 4:30 Tuesday morning and our plane leaves from SLC at 8:30. We go from SLC to Dulles in Washington DC with United and I think from there we fly Lufthansa (I think that is what it is called and I know President Uchtdorf flew for them) to Munich and then to Tirana. We will be arriving in Tirana at 11:15 A.M. (Tirana time)on the 4th.

Really quick before I forget, there are 2 photos today that I am including. One is of Elder Acheson and I in front of the Provo Temple today on our last P-day in the MTC. The other one happened yesterday. Our district was helping to host new missionaries, and in the process my pants ripped on a door. So, last night I pulled out my sewing kit (because I decided that I am a man and real men can sew up their own pants) and mended my pants. It is way noticeable and it is actually a navy blue thread on the dark gray pants, but I am way proud of it!

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for the package! That was so fun to get today! The pictures were just awesome and I love that I can now look at the fam which is so great! Elder Acheson was also really happy about the licorice, so thank you for that! I am also excited to be able to use that watch when I am being more active!

Consecration Week went well, though it didn't feel like it was enough for me! I was actually dreading speaking English again because I feel like I learn so much when I don't, and now that I don't have to press 1 for English again, well, let's hope I am not any worse than I possibly have to be to communicate the Spirit in Albania! I mean, I know that the Spirit doesn't require words, but I am sure that being able to actually say words won't hurt that!

Elder Hald is actually the District Leader for the other Albanian District, so that is way cool that Sophie knows his sister! He is actually an opera major at BYU right now, or rather he was a couple months ago until he took a couple years leave of absence.

Well, I guess I will be talking to you in a bit Mom and Dad, and I will be writing again soon (though it might not be until next Monday because those are the P-Days in the Adriatic South Mission). Love you so much! Kisha e Jezu Krishtit e Shentorëve të Ditëve të Mëvonshme është e vërtetë dhe unë kam një nder shumë madh të jem një misionar për Shpëtimtarin im. Mos harronin çfarë Krishti ka bërë për të gjithë njerëzit dhe për ty!

I am praying for you out there in the crazy world!

Elder Ostergaard

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  1. might just be me, but these elders are pretty darn cute. A winning combination! Good luck in Albania!