Thursday, August 15, 2013

#6 August 15, 2013

Dear Mom,

I have indeed been getting letters from Grant and I just got one last week from Alex and Brigham! I hope they have gotten my responses to those as well!

Man, as busy as everything seems out here, it seems pretty downright crazy back there on the home front! It seems like time just keeps on moving faster and faster for everyone everywhere and the only way to stop that is to not do anything ... and well, there is no way that is happening!

Well mom, it was really interesting to read about your experience with your television show, because I had a somewhat similar experience pretty close to when I came out as well. I was watching one of those detective shows on Netflix and it was fun and I liked it quite a lot. However, the material became progressively more down a path I did not want to go and I just decided that I was not going to watch that show anymore. It was kind of hard at first because when I got home from work or was making necklace pendants for you I wanted something to watch. However, the fact that I decided that that was something I wasn't going to watch (and finding a different show) really made it possible and making it a thing in my life that was no longer a choice but rather a fact made all the difference. I think that that is super cool that you were willing to do that because those small things are pretty tough to do sometimes.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad once again! I hope that you have a wonderful time up there next week! At that time we will actually have started our Consecration Week which means just Albanian for a whole week (P-day to P-day). The language is getting better and better though I don't know if good is really a good descriptive word of how it is sounding. But really, everyday there is improvement in comprehension, speaking, listening, and reading. This is definitely an inspired program here to help us learn!

Actually, a reason why I have a ton of faith that the language is going to come came this Tuesday. Elder Richard G. Scott gave the devotional which was just incredible. He talked to us about communicating to Heavenly Father and that was a phenomenal experience. Not only did I learn a ton and my testimony of prayer grew, at the end he actually pronounced an Apostolic blessing upon all the missionaries learning a language that they would be able to receive the Gift of Tongues according to their faith. I guess that gave me some more homework as a missionary! So the plan right now for studying is: study the language, study the Spirit, keep going through the Book of Mormon, and study for lessons. Even though studying is most of what we do here, there is not enough time in the day for it! Obobobo, I am really banking on the help of my Heavenly Father because without Him I am just another guy with a really cool nametag. I see the need for His help even more every single day.

Another incredible thing that happened this week was that we got to go to the Temple today because the Provo Temple just opened back up! What an incredible experience! I am so grateful for that opportunity that we have as members of the Church to go and participate in the sacred ordinances of the Temple! I just come away feeling so good!

Well, I don't have a whole lot of time left! I love you and think about when I am not being overwhelmed in a wonderful way with learning!
The Gospel is true!
Elder Ostergaard

P.S. thank you for the Pics Mom, I didn't have any from home!

Pictures are of me with the whole Adriatic South mission here at the MTC:

Me and da flag:

Elder Baker (a missionary in the other district) and me:

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