Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Contacting the Missionary

Alright, so anybody who is wanting to contact Elder Ostergaard on the mission:

Previously it was stated that one way to do this was to email the mother at barbara.ostergaard@gmail.com. This is still a valid option; however, if you prefer a more direct way, dearelder.com is a free site that allows you to email a letter which can either be emailed to me, or even printed and paper mailed to me. Either way works great, and I appreciate any communication. If you paper mail it, I may have more of a chance to read and respond, as I do have a limited time to work on the computers each week.

Here's the drill for dearelder.com:

1. Go to dearelder.com
2. Select "write a letter" from the top menu
3. From the box "letter selection", select "Provo West MTC" (this will be valid until September 4, 2013, at which time my Mom will update the procedure)
4. Fill in the virtual envelope with your personal information in the top left corner, and then with my information in the lower/middle right space: the unit number is 808, the mission code is Adriatic South, and the estimated MTC departure date is Sept 4.
5. Then just follow the rest of the instructions and write me a nice, newsy letter! I'll be so happy!

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