Friday, July 26, 2013

#3 July 25, 2013

Hey Fam!

Another week has been written down in the book of eternity! Well, the MTC hasn't really calmed down any, but we are definitely getting the hang of it better. I was writing in my journal the other day and saw that I was writing a date 20 days after the day got into the MTC...that weirded me out! Albania is getting closer by the second and I can't slow down!

We have been working with our progressing investigators this week which is a really good learning experience. Yesterday though, we were teaching Sidi and we asked him if he prayed to know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God -- and he said no! That was so extremely devastating!!! When was the last time you have read Preach My Gospel Chapter 1, because the Jeffrey R. Holland quote on page 8 is totally accurate! I mean, the investigator really is my teacher and everything, but if Sidi doesn't pray about it, how can he ever gain a witness of the Savior and become converted unto the Gospel of Jesus Christ?! I mean, I love this whole agency thing, but sometimes I just kinda want to show people the right way to live! We have also been starting to do TRC where a bunch of people who speak Albanian really well (there is one native and the rest are RMs) come in and we teach them. That is a nerve-wracking and terrible but wonderful experience! It is a good way to freak us out totally about our calling and make us excited to get better, so if that is the goal then the General Authorities who put it together hit that nail right on the head.

One of the things that we have to break up our days is gym. This is also an inspired program. I mean, we are late teens, early 20s Elders and Sisters and have been through enough years of school to know how to buckle down and study for fairly lengthy periods of time...but at the same time, we are late teens, early 20s Elders and Sisters! Having that opportunity to sweat it out once a day for 60 minutes is phenomenal and keeps my mind a bit more calm. That and the fact that we play 4-square (or katër katror) and that game gets pretty intense!

Happy Pioneer Day yesterday! We actually did not have any special devotional or anything for it, but one thing that was really cool was something that Motra Atkin, one of our teachers, told us. She told us that there was no better way for her to be spending Pioneer Day than to be teaching us in preparation for us going to the Adriatic South. Everyone there is either a first or second generation member and only some little kids are in that second-generation category. They are pioneers. We are going to help serve and build up the ranks of these wonderful pioneers as they work to build up the kingdom in their part of the world. The primary song says it pretty well, they really don't have to push a handcart, leave their family dear, or walk a thousand mile or more to be a pioneer. I am pretty stoked to get out there and help them complete their missions!

But the language is më mirë (better) but with miles and miles to go! We are getting enough sleep to keep going and tons more than I got at college -- but don't tell that to Mom! My companion's great and helps me to learn about myself and the Gospel everyday!

The Church is true everybody, it is our time to tell everyone! I love you all and am hitting my knees to pray for you everyday!

Elder Ostergaard

P.S. Sorry that I forgot to label the pictures last week! One of them was my district (6 of the 14 going to Albania) and the other was of my and Elder Acheson (the one right next to me) with our Zone Leaders who are leaving for Hungary on Monday.

These pictures are 1. A whiteboard of Shqip grammar rules that Elder Gunther wrote up. 2. Brigham and Me! It was great to be able to see him in the MTC before I head out to Albania!

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