Monday, June 22, 2015


Hello Family!

Mom, happy birthday! I am 6 days late, but this whole being obedient to mission rules thing stopped me from getting it to you then. So, I hope you forgive my lateness. Same for you dad, Happy Fathers' Day yesterday!

This past week has been a good week, but with a few hang-ups, well, mostly just one. On Thursday we went over to Mark's house and he told us that he went to Lezha (a city about 40 minutes away from Shkoder) and talked to his dad and brother about being baptized and the such. They weren't fans. In fact his ailing father apparently looked like he was near to death when he told him. So Mark told us that he believes it is true and that he will definitely be coming to church and having lessons still, he just doesn't know when he can be baptized because he really wants the support, or at least grudging allowance of his family. Well, on Sunday we, as well as the rest of the missionaries fasted along with Mark to get an answer to all of this. We haven't been able to talk to him since after the fast, so we are going to wait to see what happens. We are praying that hearts will be softened and that Mark can have the faith to do what the Lord wants him to do. Haha, funny side note about him though. On Sunday during Priesthood we were practicing how to use the Priesthood, so we role-played how to baptize, give blessings, pass the sacrament and such. Mark was there and so our investigator has now role-played how to do all of those...I hope that is kosher. Whether it is or not, Mark is going to be stinking ready to hold the Priesthood when he does!

Other than that, and on a happier note, Tonini, while still in the job, was able to make it to church with Jona on Sunday! We are so grateful that he did whatever he needed to do so that he could come and respect the Lord's day by coming and partaking of the Sacrament. Thinking about their family as well as Mark (and many others that I have met on my mission), it is amazing to see the amazing wonder that they have for the Gospel. It made me think of Bishop Causse's talk that he gave this last General Conference. Is it still amazing to me? Do I hunger and thirst after the scriptures and the Gospel? I sure hope that my wonder of the Gospel keeps growing because I know that it changes and enlightens lives. I don't ever want it to grow dim in my life.

This week we have had a couple unexpected opportunities to meet with families that live a decent bit outside of Shkoder. We are supposed to focus on those within, but I guess if we try, the Lord can put whomever He wants in our hands to teach. We are trying to continually find people, and then have faith that the Lord will guide us where we need to be and put those in our path that are ready to hear the Gospel.

Well, I sure hope that this is a wonderful week for all of you and that you are able to see the hand of the Lord!

Elder Ostergaard

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