Thursday, January 1, 2015

#75 Christmas Day 2014

Dear family,

This week has been a good week, one of the crazier things was actually when we got a call from a less active member in our ward who is a tv news anchor and he asked to interview us about the He is the Gift initiative We, along with some other sisters her in Tirana went and had a total of about 25 minutes to talk about our church on tv which was super cool and rather terrifying. I would not have thought that it would be that scary to give an interview on tv even with the added barrier that it isn't in my mother tongue, but it definitely was sufficiently frightening. It's all good though, two of the points of good television that Harbi (the anchor) told us were to have a strong message (and what's stronger than the gospel?) and to be visually appealing, or in other words beautiful people. So we destroyed those two points (jokes).

Right now we don't really have a ton of investigators that are moving forward. It is too bad to not see that progression because that is really where the best parts of the mission are. I once said (and thought that it was very lovely so I quote myself often) that the best parts of my mission have not been standing in water. Actually baptizing people is cool, but really the greatest moments have been while watching people find Gospel truths and applying them in their lives. So right now we are just working to help people get to that point.

I am so grateful for Christmas and for the blessings that are available because of the birth of Christ that we celebrate at this time. Thank you so much for your faith and the strength that you show to others especially to me.

Elder Ostergaard

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