Monday, February 10, 2014

#31 February 10, 2014

Hey Momma, [and I'm sure he means everyone!]

The weeks are just rolling by here and it is crazy to be sitting in this smoke filled room with an ndalohet duhani (No Smoking) sign up as I type here once again. Our weeks have been a bit difficult these last couple of weeks with people not being able to meet ad the such (I guess that is how the work rolls apo jo?) but we have been working and really trying to do what we need to be doing. This has happened a couple of times where we just come to the end of the week and look back at what was accomplished, not quite with that feeling of satisfaction that we had been a-hoping for. That is when we say a prayer as a companionship and plead with the Lord to accept and seal the efforts that we put forth. The work can always be improved, but it is good to know that the Lord will accept our best efforts, whatever they may be.

Elder Jorgensen and I recently started teaching an English Course which has started off well...except for the fact that it is totally filled with members and other missionaries' investigators. We need to get other people here to learn about the Gospel...but the church is kind of in a back alley of a not super well traveled road. Whaddya do? So we are still working on getting some other people there and hope that that works out!

Church is still a pretty tricky part of the work, because even though we were able to get a lot of people to come last week, people get busy. We are still pushing for these people to come and always inviting a billion people to come to church (we go through our list of current and potential investigators and call as many as we can to come). We are hoping to see all those that we have been able to see grow continue in that growth!

I was actually reading just a couple of days ago in the book Jesus the Christ. Christ was in the process of sending His twelve on their first missions. He told them that they must, "be fearless...for the most their persecutors could do was to kill the body." I read that and was really impressed by the weight of the Savior's words to them. And then I thought about me. Yeah, that is where the real learning comes in. As I likened the words of the Savior to me and the mission that I am serving right now I took a step back (figuratively as I was sitting at the time). What are my fears on the mission? People laughing at me. Being in the middle of an awkward conversation. So, essentially nothing. I have been called as a missionary to be as a missionary from an already "peculiar people" which really makes me double peculiar. Weirdness should be my bread and butter. The only thing that can stop me from being the greatest missionary that I can be is a lack of dedication to the regulations set by God and my own decisions on how much I want the Spirit and how seriously I will take my calling as a missionary. Repentance is a change of mind and heart that brings a re-aligning towards God, yourself, and eternity. This day I repent to be a better servant of Christ and a better missionary. I repented yesterday, the day before, and I hope to be willing to repent every day of my life.

Love you so much and Sure hope that you are doing just great and keeping busy!

Puç puç, (that is for Valentine's Day) Ju puth fort,
Elder Ostergaard

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