Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Photos September 16

Alright, here are some pictures:

Elder Hald, Elder Macen, Elder Austin, and me in the church after coming through a ton of rain.

Elder Austin and I in front of Skenderbeu, the national hero.

A bunch of the new missionaries the first day in the country in the Mission Home.


  1. Hi, This is Elder Matson's stepmom Charleen Matson, I adore the photo of all the Elders just in from the rain. Elder Macën is Albanian for Elder Matson. You can find a very similar photo on his blog today with all four Elders. http://elderbenjaminmatson.blogspot.com/
    We will keep praying for them all.
    Charleen Matson

  2. Thank you for sharing. So glad to meet the parents of fellow-missionaries!

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